Economic Impact

Delaware Airports Economic Impact Study – 1991, 2001, 2006, and 2013

With proposed changes to the Aviation Laws before the State Legislature in 1990, the Delaware Department of Transportation contracted with R.A. Wiedemann & Associates to produce a statewide study of the economic impacts of aviation in Delaware.  The resulting study showed how civil and military aviation in the State had a total impact of over $750 million in 1990. This impact supported, either directly or indirectly, 18,500 jobs in the State.  Updates to this study have been performed in 2001 and 2006.  The data for the 2001 study was taken from the year 2000 and showed an economic impact of $909.6 million. By 2006, that total had increased to $989.2 million. Aviation generated $39.2 million in State and local taxes in 2006. Finally, by 2013, the economic impact of aviation in Delaware had increased to $1.07 billion, with $43.4 million in State and local taxes. This information is important to make the case that airports are not a drain to government budgets.  In addition, information from the studies has been used to support efforts to gain airline service within the State, protect general aviation airports, and publicize the very large contribution of jobs to the overall economy. The studies have been received favorably by both the government officials and the general public.

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