System Planning

Delaware State Aviation System Plan Update- Phase I and II (2013)

R. A. Wiedemann & Associates, Inc., was selected to perform a statewide aviation system plan update for Delaware. The phase one process involves the development of issues, goals, and objectives, the inventory of system conditions, the forecast of aviation activity, the estimation of demand/capacity relationships, and the development of facility requirements. The result of the work should identify where bottlenecks in capacity are anticipated to occur. In addition, changes to state policies, fuel taxes, airport zoning, and legislative changes are all open for consideration in this planning effort. A consensus is being sought by the inclusion of aviation industry professionals, businesses, and political entities in the planning process.

Delaware was facing decisions concerning the use of their Civil Air Terminal at Dover Air Force Base as a corporate aviation facility. National security issues have closed the Base to civilian use in the past and could do so again in the future. A question resolved in the system planning context involved the use of nearby Delaware Airpark as an alternative.  If selected, it would have undergone expansion to meet corporate aviation standards. Instead, the continued two-airport solution was selected. Other issues involved the airline service initiative in Wilmington by Frontier, the support of the State for off-airport obstruction removal, and the preservation of privately owned, public use airports in the State. The Delaware Aviation Advisory Committee participated in evaluating recommendations offered by R.A. Wiedemann & Associates on the project. In addition, a new organization has been formed – the Delaware Business Aviation Association (DBAA) – with full support of the Governor. It is anticipated that economic development in Delaware aviation will be encouraged through the DBAA.


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