Air Service Studies

Fayetteville Regional Airport (NC) Air Service Improvement Program: 2002

Fayetteville, North Carolina is the fourth largest metro area in the state. In the past, it had enjoyed significant jet air service, receiving up to 28 jet departures daily. More recently, the trend in replacement service by commuter-type carriers and aircraft has reduced the number of flights, available seats, and total passengers served at the airport. Activity declines from a high of 223,000 enplanements in the late 1980’s to roughly 160,000 passengers in 1995, have placed the airport on notice that air service will not grow on its own. Thus, in 1995, the City of Fayetteville retained R.A. Wiedemann & Associates to assist in the development of new markets, the attraction of new airlines, and the development of marketing materials that can be used by the City to attract additional air service.

Complicating the whole picture is the presence of low-fare carriers serving Raleigh-Durham International Airport, only one-hour’s drive from Fayetteville. Carriers serving Fayetteville must compete not only with service, but also with low air fares to recapture passenger “leakage” from Raleigh.

A total marketing approach, designed by R.A. Wiedemann & Associates, incorporates the development of a high quality video for use in marketing the Airport to prospective airlines, the development of statistical information to be used to improve existing carrier schedules and connecting banks at gateway hubs, and input on local advertising and promotional programs. Already, two airlines have been approached and are considering the addition of new air service.

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