Strategic Business Plans

Gabreski Airport Business Plan, NY: 2002

R.A. Wiedemann & Associates, Inc., performed a business plan for Gabreski Airport in 2002. Issues considered by the plan included the integration of the Airport into the local economy, Airport infrastructure needs, local environmental concerns, jurisdictional Town-County issues, interaction with the Air National Guard, corporate aviation users, excess property release, and the economic benefits of the Airport. The recommended plan of action included six primary strategic initiatives:

1) Airport Appearance/Infrastructure: In order to keep existing clients and attract new business, the Airport pavements, lighting, and instrumentation systems must be physically maintained to permit all-weather use. It was recommended therefore, that more of the dilapidated former military buildings be removed, and issues such as snow/ice removal, landscaping, terminal building appearance and cleanliness, be addressed by Airport management.

2) Airport Planned Development District: Full development of the Planned Development District has the potential to exceed earnings from all aeronautical activities at the Airport.

3) Attraction of Corporate Aviation: A strategic shift toward the attraction of corporate aviation was needed to bolster revenues and on-airport employment. Gabreski Airport is ideally suited to take advantage of this market niche.

4) Other Non-aeronautical Land Development: The large amount of Airport land area provided adequate space for other non-aeronautical development. Suggested land uses included storage and staging areas for small businesses serving eastern Long Island.

5) Continue to Serve Existing Client Base: Gabreski Airport’s existing client base was anticipated to provide up to 46 percent of future revenues. In addition, Airport tenants such as the Air National Guard provide jobs and millions of dollars in local economic impact.

6) Additional Airport Staffing: At the time of the study, the staff was strained to manage, market, and administer both the Airport and APDD. Therefore, it was recommended that the County add staff to the Airport to increase the service levels, response time, and administrative capacity.

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