Master Plans

Master Plans

Airport master plan studies are designed to provide guidelines for future development of facilities at individual airports. The master plan identifies the staged airport facilities necessary to meet the requirements of forecast levels of air traffic demand with maximum operational effectiveness and with minimum cost and adverse impact on the community’s environment. Master plan studies also provide a thorough evaluation of the consequences of all reasonable and practical development alternatives at the airport.

In developing these plans R.A. Wiedemann, Inc. has employed a variety of innovative ideas in solving problems. Using software applications, we have established forecasting procedures that enable the firm to rapidly produce and revise statistical analyses in order to provide more time to apply the judgmental process to the projections and to test various hypotheses on activity behavior or influences. This technique results in a more detailed, valid forecast of aviation activity.

Another computer-assisted innovation employed is in the facility requirements for landside facilities, aircraft noise modeling, and financial analyses. In these areas computer technology has been adapted to enable R.A. Wiedemann & Associates to concentrate on using their planning experience to solve problems rather than in performing redundant analyses.

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