Strategic Business Plans

Maury County Airport Business Plan, Columbia, TN: 2005

The Maury County Airport Board has undertaken a business plan and economic impact study for the Maury County Airport. The purpose of the plan was to examine potential development and optimal operations that may provide increased benefits to aviation users and the Airport Sponsors. Issues that were examined included the FBO financial stability, the use of the Airport by air cargo carriers, the need for hangar development, and economic development actions needed to support several nearby industrial parks. In 2004, air freight going to the Saturn plant through the Maury County Airport was reduced dramatically. This reduction was the result of greater use of other nearby airports for Saturn’s business. Actions needed to be taken to try to reverse this trend. As the most convenient local airport with the longest runway (6,000 feet), Maury County should be the logical location for most of the air freight operations for GM. Also, as a jet-capable airport, the corporate aviation in nearby Nashville should be a logical target of local marketing efforts. The business plan is being used by the Airport Authority to chart a path forward and restore financial performance at the Airport.

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