Strategic Business Plans

Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport Business Plan, Parkersburg, WV: 2003

With declining numbers of airline passengers and aviation activity, the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport Board retained R.A. Wiedemann & Associates, Inc., to perform a business plan.  The purpose of the plan was to recommend potential means to improve the Airport’s financial performance, economic development, and operation.  The recommended plan for Parkersburg rested on four primary strategic initiatives:

1) Support and Encourage Local Airline Travel: Airport management already supports this concept and was encouraged to expand its efforts to include development of a volunteer phone bank at the Airport to respond to callers and find low airline prices locally, solicit group charter tours, and network with local businesses.  In addition, a high quality web site was recommended.

2) Attract Corporate Aviation: A significant set of Airport revenues come from the sale of fuel.  Corporate aviation represents a large user of fuel and as such, needs to be attracted via a marketing program to use the Airport.

3) Seek Lower Cost Fuel Supplier: A lower cost fuel supplier was identified that would result in significant cost savings to the Airport.  This would permit the Airport to lower fuel prices and still increase the profit margin on all fuel sales.

4) Develop Non-Aviation Property: The potential development of more industrial park area at the Airport can serve to attract jobs and industry while supporting the corporate aviation marketing efforts at of the Airport Authority. If property not needed for aviation use in the future can be feasibly converted to industrial use, it will expand the revenue base of the Airport.

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