System Planning

New Jersey Statewide Aviation System Plan: 1992

The aviation system of the State of New Jersey is endangered. Roughly 80 percent of the airports are privately owned. Many have closed and continue to close due, primarily to economic pressures and the rising value of land for other uses. The purpose of the aviation system plan is to determine what exists in terms of statewide airport capacity versus predicted demand. A range of alternatives have been identified and evaluated in order to determine a recommended system.

In New Jersey, there are a number of very sensitive issues that have been dealt with including negative public reaction to any airport expansion plans, a private airport owners group that believes the State DOT hasn’t done enough to promote their interests, and an environmental lobby opposed to any increase in aircraft noise exposure, wetlands degradation, etc. With all of these conflicting forces, Mr. Wiedemann was retained to develop the aviation system plan after one of the subconsultants went out of business early in the project. The approach developed by Mr. Wiedemann has relied upon factual, defendable findings and recommendations that can be scrutinized in a public forum. Of particular interest is the matrix analysis of environmental impacts of the alternative aviation systems, the forecasts of aviation demand, and the computerized database of system airports. The recommended alternative has found that an expansion of the existing system provides a better means of adding airport capacity than building new airports.

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