System Planning

New York State Helicopter System Plan: 1985-1988

Mr. Wiedemann served as the Project Manager on this challenging assignment which also featured the utilization of Raymond A. Syms. In this project, the NYSDOT desired to examine Upstate New York’s helicopter and heliport system with specific emphasis on the helicopter medical evacuation segment of the system.

Numerous issues among the helicopter community came to light through this study process including questions about the increased privatization of Medevac service, the role of the NYS Police, other law enforcement, and various military installations in conducting Medevac Operations, the need for downtown public-use heliports at each of the Upstate’s Metropolitan Statistical Areas, and the need for additional Medevac coverage of the Northern New York area.

The Helicopter System Plan addressed all of these critical issues and also provided a planning document containing helicopter design standards, a model heliport zoning ordinance, forecasts of helicopter demand (the demand was divided into seven different use categories and forecasted independently), system capacity estimation, and facility requirements recommendations. In addition, policy recommendations for NYSDOT action were developed that featured interagency coordination with the NYS Department of Health.

The completed Helicopter System Plan has been considered one of the most innovative and comprehensive plans of its kind. Through the system planning methods used, it has emerged as one of the few true system planning efforts that considers all of the components of the rotorcraft mode of transportation.

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