Strategic Business Plans

Palo Alto Airport (CA) Business Plan: 2010

R.A. Wiedemann & Associates, Inc. was selected to perform an Airport Business Plan and Feasibility Study for the Palo Alto Airport.  In this regard, the County of Santa Clara currently operates the Airport under a long-term lease from the City of Palo Alto.  That lease expires in 2017.  The City of Palo Alto is considering an early end to the lease (2011), if operating the Airport does not create any significant liabilities.  The City is concerned about management structure, operating costs and revenues, and physical maintenance requirements.  The Airport has 470 based aircraft and less than 2,500 feet of runway.  The facility is located on 102 acres and has an FAA Air Traffic Control Tower.  The Business Plan will provide the City with a plan that demonstrates the feasibility of various operating strategies and the costs and benefits of each.  In addition, the economic impact of the Airport is desired as an output.  Environmental constraints are significant toward any expansion of the facility and thus, maximizing revenues will have to be accomplished within the existing footprint of the Airport.

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