Air Service Studies

Parkersburg, WV Air Service Improvement Program: 2001

In the spring of 2001, R.A. Wiedemann & Associates was selected to perform a forecast of aviation demand and air service analysis for the Parkersburg-Wood County Airport. The work will be completed in support of an on-going airport master plan. By way of background, Wood County Airport was served by US Airways Express (Air Wisconsin) with 19-seat Beech 1900 aircraft. The reduction from 36 seat aircraft came in 1994 when Crown Airways was replaced by the current carrier. Airline enplanements have steadily declined from a high in the early 1990’s of over 44,000 to the current level of 22,000. In 1999, a leakage analysis was completed, showing that 53 percent of Wood County residents used the Columbus, Ohio airport. Other airports captured smaller percentages of the market, leaving Wood County with 33 percent of their market. This alarming trend has given Airport management an incentive to find solutions and stem the leakage flow to other regional airports. As a result, an air service improvement program will be undertaken to determine the best means of re-capturing lost demand. Among the mix of potential solutions to be examined will be to seek AIR 21 money dedicated to small community air service needs, to attract another air carrier to the market, and/or to provide incentives for local businesses to use the Airport.

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