System Planning

Pennsylvania Aviation System Plan Update (2002)

R.A. Wiedemann & Associates was selected to assist another national firm in the updating of the Pennsylvania Aviation System Plan. The Wiedemann & Associates work responsibilities included the air service analysis component, the airport facility requirements generation, the capital costing portions of the plan, and the allocation of costs by eligible funding agency.  The air service work included the development of air service actual and potential enplanement forecasts, route feasibility analysis, and recommended routes.  Also included were drive-fly cost comparisons for all commuter hub connection flights.  The airport facility requirements involved the development of physical facility improvements at each airport in each alternative.  These improvements were costed and aggregated to show the relative costs of each alternative.  The recommended plan was also costed and phased to show capital requirements during various timeframes.  The eligibility of each airport’s capital program for federal, state, local, and private funding was also depicted.

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