Strategic Business Plans

Plattsburgh International Airport (NY) Business Plan: 2010

R.A. Wiedemann & Associates, Inc. was selected to perform an Airport Business Plan for Plattsburgh International Airport in 2010. The business plan for Plattsburgh International Airport assessed potential means to improve the Airport’s financial performance, economic development, and operation. The plan focused on several components, including the Airport’s location near the Canadian border in northern New York, the impacts to the Airport and terminal building of recent significant growth of the airline passenger market, potential opportunities related to the Airport’s entrance into the maintenance/repair/overhaul (MRO) market, high utility and facility maintenance costs, retro‑fitting of aging structures for new users, the benefits of attracting Canadian business for aviation and non‑aviation development, and a number of other facility‑related issues. The recommended plan of action from this report rests on five primary strategic initiatives: 1) Expanded Airline Service, 2) Expanded Airport Amenity Investment, 3) Expanded FBO Services, 4) General Aviation/Landside Development, and 5) Development of Non-Aviation Property.

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