Strategic Business Plans

Potsdam Municipal Airport Business Plan, NY: 2002

R.A. Wiedemann & Associates, Inc., performed a business plan for Potsdam Municipal Airport in 2002. Issues considered by the plan included the sharing of airport sponsorship with a municipality having a larger tax base, increased Airport financial performance, increased use of the Airport by area universities, attraction of corporate aviation, and “right-sizing” airport facilities to match demand. The recommended plan of action included three primary strategic initiatives:

1) Develop Airport Infrastructure: Provision of fuel facilities and a conventional hangar were needed for the Airport to develop.  No appreciable growth in activity or use are expected to occur until these infrastructure items are constructed.

2) Attract FBO: For the Airport to grow, it was recommended that the Village set a goal of attracting a Fixed Base Operator to the facility.  The FBO would be the central focal point of all business and economic development activity on the Airport.

3) Attract Flight Training Operation: One method of increasing aviation activity, fuel sales, aircraft maintenance, and overall Airport use is to offer flight training.  It was recommended that student pilot training for Clarkson University ROTC, SUNY Potsdam, St. Lawrence University, Canton College, local high schools, and the general public could serve to increase the economic base of the Airport.

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