Public Programs

Public Programs

You’ve just completed a very thorough Economic Impact Analysis. You’ve produced an outstanding Business Plan and made adjustments to your Airport Master Plan to accommodate the growth and vision recommended in your technical reports. You’re excited to initiate the construction and improvements in your plans.

One problem… you have a general public surrounding your airport that does not understand the benefits and greater good to the community at-large. As a result, you also have legislators considering decisions that would be popular with the public, but detrimental to your facility, and future goals.

What do you do?

R.A. Wiedemann & Associates, Inc. has extensive experience in constructing public programs that communicate and educate the general public as well as state and local decision makers of the benefits your airport provides. We utilize traditional face-to-face forums allowing questions to be answered in person. We generate charts, graphs, PowerPoint presentations, videos, brochures and websites that tell your story, the way you want your story told. We are creative and successful in presenting facts in a clear and understandable manner that wins the hearts and minds of your audience.

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