Strategic Business Plans

Randall Airport Business Plan, NY: 2001

R.A. Wiedemann & Associates, Inc., performed a business plan for Randall Airport in 2001. Issues considered by the plan included expansion and development of a new ramp area, attraction of a full service FBO, residential access to the runway system, potential commercial/retail development space, compatibility with area land use, rates and charges, and the financial performance of the Airport. The recommended plan of action included four primary strategic initiatives:

1) New Terminal Area: It was recommended that a new terminal area be developed of the north-side terminal area, with easy user access for hangars, terminal building, and commercial space.

2) New Fixed Base Operator (FBO): It was recommended that the Airport Sponsor seek a full service FBO.

3) Commercial Development: Development of on-Airport and adjacent Airport property for commercial/retail space, hotel, and other professional business space was recommended.

4) Residential Airpark: The unique attributes of this Airport permitted the attraction of permanent resident airpark users with direct taxiway access to the Airport’s facilities, goods, and services.

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