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Seth Wiedemann

Position: Associate
Professional Experience: 8 Years
B.S. / University of Kentucky / Management / 2010
M.B.A. / Belmont University / Masters of Business Administration / 2017

Seth Wiedemann is experienced in the areas of website management and design, logo design, video production, airport business plans, airport lease analysis, airport lease policy development, benefit cost analysis, air service feasibility, aviation system planning, airport demand forecasting, economic impact analyses, airport surveys, and research.

Seth heads up the firm’s website development business and has conducted websites for New Braunfels (TX), Ashtabula County (OH), Cleveland (TN), and Hondo (TX). Website management services include all uploading of website content, Email Management for maintaining and/or adding new accounts associated with specific domain names, and Uptime Monitoring for correcting and facilitating any issues that arise with web hosting services.

Seth has extensive experience assisting airport operators in reviewing, drafting, and implementing tenant leases and lease provisions. Seth has developed airport lease policy documents for Rogers (AR) and Cuyahoga (OH) that standardize lease strategies, best practices, and provisions for both aeronautical and non-aeronautical leases. In addition to this, Seth has performed a detailed lease analysis for Galveston (TX), Sussex County (DE), and Hondo (TX).

As a graphic designer, Seth Wiedemann has developed flyers, programs, name tags, and posters for events such as the Delaware Aviation Summit, and the Delaware Aviation Career Day. Seth also aided in the marketing for these events by maintaining websites, organizing sponsor lists, and compiling guest registration forms. Seth has also contributed to Air Service Feasibility Studies for Griffiss (NY) and Fairfield (TX).

In addition to this, Seth has developed a method for quantifying the relationship between an Airport and the surrounding real estate value. Using this model, an accurate estimation of an Airport’s affect on surrounding properties can be made based on an Airport’s annual operations, runway length, and fleet mix. Used for both residential and commercial real estate, this type of impact study has been utilized for the Delaware Aviation System Plan.

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