Air Service Studies

Somerset, Kentucky Air Service Improvement Study: 2008

South Central Kentucky has not had scheduled airline service for more than 10 years. During this decade, significant economic development has occurred in the area, including major manufacturing, corporate headquarters, and service industries. In determining air service potential, an aviation consultant, R.A. Wiedemann & Associates, Inc., was retained to work with the Somerset-Pulaski County Development Foundation in a potential two-Phase project. The purpose of the first phase is to determine if there is sufficient demand in the South Central Kentucky area to warrant scheduled air service. The feasibility of such service would be determined in general terms such as potential aircraft sizes, flight frequencies, and aircraft load factors. This first phase indicated potential feasibility, and thus, a second phase is to be undertaken. The second phase of the study would examine potential air carriers and commuter airlines, gateway hubs, and route structures. Airlines indicating an interest in serving the South Central Kentucky area would be solicited and visits would be made with presentations of the findings of the study. Important in the overall study effort will be the development of incentives for airlines to serve the South Central Kentucky region.

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