Strategic Business Plans

Sullivan County International Airport Business Plan, NY: 2001

R.A. Wiedemann & Associates, Inc., performed a business plan for Sullivan County International Airport in 2001. Issues considered by the plan included the potential for expanded business use of the Airport, more general aviation use, the attraction of potential commuter or air cargo carriers, the development of Airport property, the better use of existing facilities, and improved financial performance. The recommended plan of action included three primary strategic initiatives:

1) Window of Opportunity: A window of opportunity was foreseen in the form of relocated based aircraft from potential nearby airport closures. It was imperative that the Airport be ready to accommodate this new, potential demand through marketing and aircraft hangar development or acquisition.

2) Marketing Corporate Aircraft: It was recommended that the County hire a professional airport manager (American Association of Airport Executives accredited) and market corporate aircraft from the New York Metro area.

3) Non-Aviation Revenues: It was also recommended that the County attempt to market and develop industrial/commercial property on the Airport to help fund the ongoing operation of the facility.

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