Air Service Studies

Texas Statewide Small Market Air Service Needs Assessment: 2000

R.A. Wiedemann & Associates, Inc., in association with another national aviation consulting firm was selected to perform the Texas Small Market Air Service Needs Assessment Study. This study included 25 Texas communities, 5 New Mexico communities, and 1 Arkansas city. The focus of the project was to evaluate existing services and corresponding economic impact on each of the study communities. These communities were originally included in the project because they were thought to have inadequate, or limited air service, or service that has been overpriced. Some of the selected cities had no air service while others had significant levels of service, including Southwest Airlines service. The Study determined passenger leakage, quality of service, and airline fare parity and enabled each of the communities to gain third-party data for their airline service improvement efforts. In communities where new or improved air service is not likely, the Study identified realistic alternative solutions for a community to meet air service needs and presented benchmarks for air service initiation. All of the Study communities benefitted from the project, since its goal was to improve airline service, regardless of the current level.

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