Strategic Business Plans

Warren County Airport Business Plan, NY: 2002

R.A. Wiedemann & Associates, Inc., performed a business plan for Warren County Airport in 2002. Issues considered by the plan included the attraction of additional corporate aviation, expanded FBO services, additional hangar development, increased use by tourists traveling to Lake George and Saratoga Springs, improved airport financial performance, the feasibility of runway extension, and greater economic development. The recommended plan of action included four primary strategic initiatives:

1) Develop Non-aviation Airport Property: A 93-acre parcel of Airport property that was identified as not needed for future aeronautical use. This property was well suited to be developed for industrial/commercial purposes and would provide the Airport with an economic development base. The existing Airport Industrial Park had very little development area left and as such, would not compete with the new site. The development of this property could play a significant role in reducing the deficits at the Airport.

2) Attraction of New/Specialty FBO: The size and quality of Airport facilities at Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport require an FBO of significant investment and quality. To attract based aircraft and corporate aviation for the long-term viability of the Airport, a significant FBO operation was needed. This included the ability to offer high-end maintenance operations, corporate flight services and amenities, as well as executive charter and air taxi services, in addition to the normal FBO functions of fuel sales, flight training, etc.

3) Attraction of Corporate Aviation: Corporate aviation represents a large user of fuel, an employer of on-airport personnel, and an engine for increased utilization of the Airport. It was recommended that corporate aviation be attracted to use the Airport. The development of Airport land for industrial/commercial use along with direct marketing efforts in the Albany area, Northern New York, Vermont, and even Canada would serve to attract this business aviation segment.

4) Development of Hangars: In order to attract more aircraft to the Airport and to provide a location for large aircraft maintenance, both T-hangars and a large conventional hangar needed to be developed. In addition, hangar development would increase the revenue base for the Airport and ensure the long-term income stream. These facilities were recommended by the Airport Master Plan Update and by our business plan as well.

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