Strategic Business Plans

Wellsville Municipal Airport Business Plan, NY: 2002

R.A. Wiedemann & Associates, Inc., performed a business plan for Wellsville Municipal Airport in 2002. Issues considered by the plan included the increased use by Alfred State College, the Airport’s final performance, the incorporation of an available 40,000 square foot incubator building, the attraction of additional corporate, the feasibility of runway extension, and the development of economic impacts. The recommended plan of action included four primary strategic initiatives:

1) Attraction of Corporate Aviation: Physical improvements to the Airport, including a runway extension and the development of a new terminal area signaled a strategic shift toward the attraction of more corporate aviation. Marketing for new corporate tenants and encouragement of fractional aircraft ownership by local companies was recommended to bolster revenues and on-airport employment.

2) Development of Aircraft Mechanics School: The development of an aircraft mechanics’ school on the airport as an extension of the current Alfred University mechanics’ program would serve to increase airport usage and provide another Airport tenant. Once in place, such a program could easily be expanded to include a flight school.

3) Non-Aviation Revenues: The Town was working to obtain an FAA release of Airport property to add to the AAEDC’s Air Industrial Park. The goal was to market and develop industrial/commercial property at the Airport. Revenues derived from the Park could be used by the Town in support of the Airport.

4) Maintain Relationship with Wellsville Flying Service: The Town benefits from the operation of the Airport by its FBO, Wellsville Flying Service. Significant cost savings accrue to the Town through the management and operation of the Airport by the FBO.

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