February 16, 1989, Randal Wiedemann left Cress & Associates and founded R.A. Wiedemann & Associates. With only one project to begin with, the New Jersey Aviation System Plan, planning work started to come from other consulting firms through the network that Randal had built from his time at Cress & Associates – and Landrum & Brown before that. Randal jokes that his company is a “faith-based business” where the phone rings when it needs to. It would seem there is a providential Hand leading and supplying the enterprise.

The firm’s big break came in 1990, when Wiedemann & Associates won the New York State Aviation Forecasts Study. This was a large statewide effort that required forecasting software development and other unique deliverables. From that point forward, the company grew and developed a reputation for producing excellent work. In 1991, a second major client was landed – the State of Delaware. Many others followed. Wiedemann still works for both New York State and Delaware, all these years later. In 2004, Rob Barber began working with R.A. Wiedemann & Associates, on a full-time basis. This was followed in 2006 by Paul Wiedemann, and Seth Wiedemann in 2011. These professionals make up the core of the company today.

Through the years, Wiedemann & Associates has worked with a variety of engineering and planning firms, gaining a niche market in airport business planning and economic impact assessment. More recently, the company has combined this expertise with airport master planning to provide strategic airport master plans, which examine the economic viability of development options. These are increasingly needed because of the scarcity of airport funding.

Over its 30-year history, R.A. Wiedemann & Associates has maintained a one-word mission statement: Excellence! In all we strive to do, in all our relationships with the wonderful clients we’ve served, our mission has been to deliver excellence. Looking forward, nothing will change that. We sincerely appreciate working with and serving our clients and their stakeholders. Here’s to the next 30 years!