In today’s technology driven culture, digital marketing is essential for any airport hoping to attract new businesses and users, as well as provide a useful outreach platform to demonstrate the airport’s active role in their community. Far too often, airports rely on news outlets to inform the community about their worth – a method that can backfire when reporters don’t have the knowledge or experience to adequately explain the importance of aviation to the general public. For these reasons, airports need to be proactive and take the necessary steps to portray themselves as the vital community asset they are.

Because online information often represents an airport’s first impression with potential customers, it’s essential that airports have a quality “welcome mat” that accurately portrays their brand image. The first thing people see when searching for an airport online should be the airport’s Website, Facebook page, YouTube videos, Twitter profile, and any other Social Media outlet the airport uses to tell its story. These resources not only provide quick access to useful information, but also demonstrate the airport’s unique character and personality that sets it apart from other airports.

An Information and Communication Center

An effective online presence should start with an official airport website, serving as a central focal point of its broader digital marketing strategy. Social media platforms and other forms of digital marketing should play an enhancive role, and allow the airport website to act as both an informational hub and a communication center.

As an informational hub, the airport website should contain the most comprehensive information available to the public. So when people interact with other airport marketing, such as print media, brochures, pamphlets, or social media accounts, all those roads lead people to the website where they can find out more.

As a communication center, the airport website should be seamlessly integrated with social media, email marketing, news updates, and special events. Using this structure, an airport can launch a cohesive, coordinated promotional campaign across all available online marketing channels – producing a compounded effect that’s far greater than each individual format on its own.

How to Establish an Online Presence

At R.A. Wiedemann & Associates, our goal is to provide airports with the tools they need to successfully implement their digital marketing strategy to the greatest audience possible. When an effective online presence is established, an airport can engage people in a way that cultivates relationships and builds a community of support. At the end of the day, these airports are poised to exceed customer service expectations, be more attentive to the needs of local businesses, and capitalize on opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable.