The Sponsor, the Ontario County Industrial Development Agency (OCIDA), desired to examine alternate airport management structures, attract corporate aviation, develop new hangars, expand FBO services, restructure leases, and improve the Airport facilities by expanding the runway to 5,500 feet. The recommended plan of action included four primary strategic initiatives:

  1. Renegotiate FBO Lease: The FBO was operating on a month-to-month basis on an expired lease. If the OCIDA was to position the Airport to become a corporate-capable facility, it needed the services of a competent FBO. Renegotiating the lease would present incentives to the FBO to perform better and to seek corporate clients. The elimination of the old percent-of-gross revenue lease in favor of a base rate plus fuel flowage fee agreement was recommended.
  2. Attraction of Corporate Aviation: Physical improvements to the Airport and a strategic shift toward the attraction of corporate aviation would bolster revenues and on-airport employment. It was assumed that the runway would be extended to 5,500 feet by the year 2009. OCIDA was in a position to lease land for hangar development to interested corporate aviation clients.
  3. Non-Aviation Property Development: A portion of the 55 acres controlled by the FBO could be subdivided non-aviation land uses, if it could be controlled by the OCIDA through a renegotiated lease or sublease arrangement. Roughly 20 to 25 acres of the Airport property could have been released from aviation use since it is located behind the flight line with limited access to the airfield. This property, if developed for industrial purposes could generate lease revenue for the OCIDA in support of its Airport operations.
  4. Management Structure: The “exit” strategy for OCIDA was to maintain ownership of the property but to use surrogate management for the Airport’s operation. The use of a part-time airport manager and the establishment of an independent Airport Board were recommended as methods of buffering OCIDA staff from day-to-day Airport operations. It was unlikely that the Airport will be sold or transferred to County or Village ownership in the near term.