R.A. Wiedemann & Associates, Inc., performed a business plan for Dansville Municipal Airport in 2004. Issues considered by the plan included airport runway development, the attraction of corporate aviation, hangar development, economic development, and the assessment of the existing management structure. The recommended plan of action included four primary strategic initiatives:

  1. Airfield Improvement: The key element of the transformation of the Dansville Airport into a business-friendly facility was the closure of Runway 18-36 and the extension of Runway 14-32 to 5,000′ or greater. These physical improvements were identified to enable the airport to serve corporate aviation and permit the development of both aviation and non-aviation land uses on the south side of the Airport.
  2. Attraction of Corporate Aviation: Physical improvements to the Airport and a strategic shift toward the attraction of corporate aviation would bolster revenues and on-airport employment.
  3. Adjustment of Fees: As the Airport becomes busier and more successful in attracting more sophisticated types of aircraft, the economic benefit of doing business on the Airport increases. This increase in value should translate into increased fees and rentals to the FBO, and in turn, to the Airport Sponsor. Thus, when economic conditions permit, it was recommended that lease rates be adjusted upward. This upward adjustment, including the institution of fuel flowage fees, would help to pay for operational expenses and capital improvements on the Airport.
  4. Hangar Development: In concert with the marketing of corporate aviation, it was recommended that the Town either encourage the private development of aircraft hangars. In this regard, both corporate conventional hangars and T-hangars would be needed in the future.