R.A. Wiedemann & Associates, Inc. was selected as part of a team to perform an airport master plan and business plan for Dickinson Airport in ND. Dickinson is an Essential Air Service airport and until recently, had minimal airline service to Denver, CO. That all changed with the discovery of the Bakken Oil Shale discovery in western ND.

Airline traffic grew from roughly 5,000 enplanements in 2006 to more than 27,000 in 2012. Delta and United Airlines began airline service to the community in June of 2013. Forecasts estimated more than 100,000 enplanements by 2022.

This activity was set to transform the Airport into a self-sufficient economic engine for the community. Significant new development was needed in the terminal area to accommodate the dramatic growth in passenger traffic. In addition, a shift in pricing policies was outlined to help pay for the increased infrastructure development and maintenance.

R.A. Wiedemann developed the forecasts of GA demand, provided strategic evaluation of alternatives, and performed airport business planning components of financial forecasts, rates and charges, debt service recommendations, and strategic management recommendations. This project began in May of 2012 and was completed in May of 2013.