R.A. Wiedemann & Associates, Inc., performed a business plan for Genesee County Airport in 2004. Issues considered by the plan included the development of a professional flight school, the attraction of additional corporate aviation, additional hangar development, economic impact assessment, and expanded FBO services. The recommended plan of action included three primary strategic initiatives:

  1. Attraction of Corporate Aviation: Physical improvements to the Airport and a strategic shift toward the attraction of corporate aviation were expected to bolster revenues and on-airport employment. At the time, the proposed runway extension to 5,500 feet would have placed Genesee County Airport squarely in the business jet class market. The location of the Airport mid-way between Rochester and Buffalo helped the Airport serve corporate aviation in both of those metro areas.
  2. Flight School: General aviation activity generated by the flight school was expected to create jobs and revenues for the Airport, as more students take advantage of the college program credits offered by Ravenaire. Ravenaire had teamed with Utah Valley State College to offer both 2 and 4 year degree programs from the Genesee County Airport location. It was recommended that this activity be encouraged by the County.
  3. Hangar Development: In concert with the marketing of corporate aviation, it was recommended that the County either develop or encourage the private development of aircraft hangars. Roughly 45 percent of total revenues were derived from hangar and building leases. Growth of the corporate aviation market segment depended, in part, on the availability of adequate hangar facilities.