The purpose of the 2007 business plan for Morehead-Rowan County Regional Airport was to assist with the transition from the existing airport to a new 5,500 foot runway facility. The plan addressed a number of component issues:

  • Logistical issues surrounding the relocation of the airport
  • Operation and management of the new airport
  • The airport’s competitive setting, the desire to attract corporate aviation
  • Potential for hangar development
  • Attraction of a Fixed Base Operator (FBO)
  • Possible partnering with Morehead State University in a flight training program
  • Several other facility-related issues.

The findings of the plan indicated that the best option for the Airport Board was to hire an FBO to operate the Airport.

The negotiation terms would require the FBO to perform a number of functions including aircraft fueling and maintenance, flight training, and general airport upkeep. The FBO would require a management fee to perform these functions through the balance of the 5 year planning horizon. This fee could be reduced as activity increases at the Airport.

Other important recommendations covered hangar development, the attraction of corporate aviation, the need to market local companies for the new airport, and the importance of flight training in developing new operational activity.