R.A. Wiedemann & Associates was selected to perform a business plan for the Redlands Municipal Airport. There was a three month deadline on this project, which was met by the firm.

The primary issues for this business plan involved the development of brand for the Airport, the ability of the City to earn more revenues, the lack of visible management of the facility, and Airport user group dissatisfaction with a number of operational issues.

The Recommended Plan focused on strengthening the Airport brand. The recommended branding targets included:

  • Flight Training/Educational Partnering
  • Personal Flying
  • Business Aviation.

To increase revenues, the Plan recommended that the City enter the self-serve fueling market. Other revenue producing options included the innovative use of non-aviation land for a solar farm, the partnering with San Bernardino Valley College for a flight training program, updated rates and charges, and more than 30 other specific recommendations.

The plan was well received and bridged gaps between the City and Airport users, being a point of common interest for both parties.