In 2019, R.A. Wiedemann & Associates was asked to develop a study for UT-RGV to determine whether an aviation program with flight training and possible aviation mechanics training would be feasible. The study examined the entire gamut of university aviation program needs including the following:

  • Potential Student Demand
  • Types of Aviation Programs
  • Typical Curriculum
  • University Staffing Requirements
  • Needed Aircraft and Simulator Equipment
  • Required Classroom Space/Facilities
  • Timing and Growth
  • Probable Cost to Students
  • Program Pro Forma for University
  • Recommendations

In particular, a new facility at South Texas International Airport at Edinburg was scoped. This included the need for classroom space, flight briefing rooms, student lounge areas, large auditorium, as well as the HVAC, stairways, bathrooms, locker rooms, and janitorial spaces.

The study was well received and the University was looking for funding when Covid-19 interrupted the process. Initiatives are underway to investigate new funding options.