The purpose of this business plan for St. Lucie County International Airport (Treasure Coast International Airport) was to assess potential means to improve the Airport’s financial performance, economic development, and operation.

To accomplish this, an examination of the financial production of the Airport was made and reported in pro formas. In addition, the plan studied operational and managerial issues to determine if there were better or more efficient methods that could be used.

The plan was founded upon an understanding of current activities at the Airport and set forth options to address a number of key areas:

  • Marketing for aviation users and non-aeronautical business
  • Potential areas of development on Airport property
  • The possible need for new hangar space
  • The desire to increase corporate use of the facility
  • Potential international charter service
  • MRO attraction
  • Capitalizing on a number of growth opportunities in the Treasure Coast of Florida.