R.A. Wiedemann & Associates, Inc., performed a business plan for Sussex County Airport (Delaware Coastal Airport) in Georgetown, Delaware. The recommended plan of action rested on three primary strategic initiatives:

  1. Existing Clientele Retention: The Airport’s largest employer, PATS/DeCrane, had made a commitment to move their corporate offices to Georgetown, DE. Increasing competition from domestic and foreign airports for Boeing Business Jet refurbishing and retrofitting was countered with local incentives to expand at Sussex County Airport. Other corporate tenants, state police, FBOs, etc., were all important to the Airport’s bottom line.
  2. Hangar Development: Hangar development, both T-hangar and conventional, were significant contributors to the Airport’s revenue stream. One method of increasing revenues was the construction more hangar space. This involved marketing and financing, but the economic development returns would be large. For this business plan, it was assumed that 20 T-hangar units and 5 large conventional hangars could be developed over the next 5 years. Growth of the corporate aviation market segment would depend, in part, on the availability of adequate hangar facilities.
  3. Staffing: The existing staff was stretched to the limit in handling day-to-day management issues at the Airport. When the planning, marketing, and other functions are added to the mix, span of control issues were unavoidable. There was an immediate need for at least one more full time employee in the Economic Development Department who could focus solely on aviation matters, dealing with tenants, and activity associated with the growth of the Airport.