R.A. Wiedemann & Associates, Inc., performed an Airport Business Plan for Watertown International Airport in 2008. The Business Plan examined potential development and optimal operations that would provide increased benefits to Watertown, Jefferson County, and aviation users.

Watertown International Airport is a designated Essential Air Service (EAS) airport, which means that the Airport can receive federal subsidy for the support of scheduled commercial airline service. Until January of 2008, the Airport was served by Big Sky Airlines and were on its way to reach the 10,000 annual passengers necessary to receive $1 million in FAA entitlement funds for Primary commercial airport facilities.

Under an Essential Air Service agreement with Cape Air, scheduled service to Albany International began in September 2008. With the smaller nine passenger aircraft that Cape Air operated, the 10,000 annual passenger goal would be difficult to reach.

The Business Plan suggested ways that the Airport could partner with Cape Air to reach the 10,000 annual passengers needed in order to be eligible for the $1 million in FAA entitlement funds.

The Business Plan also addressed the Airport’s competitive setting, the ability of the Airport and local market to sustain scheduled airline service volumes, the potential for partnering with Ft. Drum on aviation matters, the desire of the County to examine lease terms for the existing FBO, the potential for non-aeronautical revenue development at the Airport, and the potential for hangar development.